Reduse chemicals in beauty products and in agriculture

A friend asked me today what I wrote on Facebook and I answered; mostly linking and liking but the aim is still to save the world. I told about my blog for this sole purpose, where I seldom write and decided today would be the day when I write here as well (July 13). Still, I continue to consider this as a me and you talk, we who are saving the world, not able to do it all but as well as we ever can.

In a newsletter from Green Science I saw a film about Triclosan and other antimicrobials (1). It reminded me of two things, first the HERMOSA study giving young ladies alternative beauty products with low-chemical content. The researchers were looking for hormone disrupting chemicals. The result showed after three days with the alternative beauty products that chemicals had decreased in their urine. This just by exchanging their normally used products into low-chemical ones. This is something I and you also can do. (2 and 3)

The other was a sentence by a court where the Swedish COOP were forbidden to use arguments such as ”Especially if you consider that chemicals can be much more harmful when combined together than they are on their own” and ”The study shows that choosing organic food can reduce the level of pesticides in the body” (4) used in The organic effect-film (5), when marketing organic foodstuffs. The statement was considered incorrect.

Well, was it? I do believe in the laws binding our society together but since this is some kind of heart issue for me, let’s take a closer look. The COOP film was based on a report from IVL (6) “It is encouraging that eating organic food seems to decrease the levels of pesticides in the body fairly quickly”, says IVL (The Swedish Environmental Research Institute). IVL says all levels are safe to digest. Our National Food Agency agrees; it is not dangerous to eat food in Sweden no matter if it is organic or not. Any residues of pesticides would be far below the daily intake limits. (7)

Good. Out of this reason it seems not to matter. Yes, of course I and you go on choosing organic food whenever we can, out of consideration for the environment.

4) the judgment here, in Swedish…
7) in Swedish…/…/bekampningsmedel


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