Save the World

In the biggest Swedish daily newspaper it was on Christmas eve questioned if we in Sweden live on the same planet as people in Dubai, where gasoline costs less than two Swedish crowns, which is a lot cheaper than here today and some twenty times lower what the price is supposed to be considering the environmental cost for each liter. What I have heard when visiting Japan and from a friend visiting Antarctic; no one can recall that the month of November has ever been as warm as 2013. Here in my region I have only had my long underpants on one time so far this so called winter. I read about climate changes making the life of nomads in Mongolia difficult and are threatening the existence of South African farmers growing rooibos. The answer on the question is: Yes. This knowledge should mean that we humans now, at once and immediately, start to act for a fossil free society in order to stop the ongoing climate change.

Fracking is seen as a way to get out of the fossil dependency from carbon usage ( At the same time fracking might be a way to release even more carbondioxide and by this even losing our climate. (Not to mention other environmental influences.) It is not easy to know what is right and what is wrong, but the IPCC is convinced: human influence on the climate system is clear (

Now you and me, on our own and together, have to use our inner wisdom and let ourselves be the change that will make it possible for us humans to exit the dark tunnel of climate threat and enter into the bright future that should be ours.

”How can we sleep while our beds are burning” sings Midnight oil and R.E.M. ”It’s the end of the world as we know it”. Come on now! Let us show them better.

Instead of liking or disliking these my words you can decide to 2014 do at least three things of your choice in order to reduce the human load on the ecosystem of the earth. Go on telling everyone what you do and write it on your facebook to inspire more of us. It does not matter if IPCC or the frackers are right or wrong – come on now. Let us do it. Let us all struggle for the same goal, to ”Save the world”. I continue to say no to food containing palm oil (save the rain forests, use rape seed oil), to pick up every piece of aluminium (energy saving) and buy ecological and Fair trade.

Listen to this Swedish classical (with English subtitles and even without; an easy intrigue) and you can have a good undisturbed sleep knowing you are doing what you can, to save the world.


Om mikaeros

wiser and wiser every day
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